This morning, I happened to catch Larry Bowa on XM Radio’s baseball channel. Bowa took off on the most uneducated, moronic rant I’ve ever heard.

The subject of his rant: Bill James and “Moneyball.” It was pathetic. Bowa kept saying, “I’m a winner, I know how to win. Bill James knows nothing about baseball.” Ultimately, it devolved into “Bill James never wore a uniform. I played. I know what it takes to win.” Second grade nonsense.

His harshest rhetoric was reserved for “Moneyball,” though. He went on and on and on about the book, all the while saying stupid things like, “Does Moneyball tell you how to move a runner over? Does Moneyball tell you how to give up yourself at the plate?”

In the end, we heard the clincher: Bowa has never read Moneyball, he’s never going to read it, but “some people” have told him what it’s about.

What a moron.

I wish I could adequately convey the ignorant nature of Bowa’s rant, and I wish I could find the audio of it. Suffice to say, however, if he ever manages the Reds, it will be worse than the Bob Boone years.

UPDATE: Can’t Stop The Bleeding heard the same broadcast and had a similar reaction.

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  1. Glenn

    Larry Bowa had a very fine major league career. He accomplished that through grit and hard work. Brains didn’t enter too much into it. He hasn’t had much success as a manager because he doesn’t have a plan. He knows the game inside and out. The problem is that, he manages by the seat of his pants. Because of this everyone around him stands by wondering what’s going to happen next. Its hard on the organization and about two years is all anyone can take of Larry Bowa.

  2. Glenn

    I still stand by my original statement regarding Bowa’s playing career. He had a “fine” career. 15 years in the bigs, .260 avg., .300 OBP, in his day one of the best with a glove. There’s no stat for being a jerk. If there was one Bowa would be in the Hall of Fame.

  3. Brian Erts

    Bowa vs the league (BTW Bowa had NO range, nice hands and was duarble at best)

    1 Garry Templeton .070 .705 .635
    2 Dave Concepcion .057 .681 .625
    3 Chris Speier .051 .671 .620
    4 Don Kessinger .041 .650 .609
    5 Bill Russell .025 .650 .626
    6 Ivan DeJesus .020 .653 .632
    7 Rafael Ramirez .018 .649 .631
    8 Bud Harrelson .009 .618 .609
    9 Larry Bowa -.002 .620 .622
    10 Ozzie Smith -.013 .623 .636

    1 Garry Templeton 0.76 4.16 3.40
    2 Dave Concepcion 0.61 3.92 3.31
    3 Chris Speier 0.54 3.79 3.25
    4 Don Kessinger 0.50 3.66 3.15
    5 Bud Harrelson 0.42 3.58 3.16
    6 Ivan DeJesus 0.39 3.77 3.39
    7 Bill Russell 0.20 3.51 3.31
    8 Larry Bowa 0.11 3.39 3.28
    9 Ozzie Smith 0.11 3.51 3.41
    10 Rafael Ramirez 0.11 3.46 3.35

  4. Glenn

    Chris, If he’s recognized everywhere he’s managed as being an idiot, (and I know you’re right about that) he’s probably going to manage the Reds at some point in the future. I’m certain that someone in the front office will think he’s misunderstood and needs another chance. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the head.

  5. Vincent

    When I lived near Philadelphia, I went to the Phillies’ annual Holiday Festival for season-ticket holders (thanks to a friend of mine) after Bowa had been hired to manage for 2001. He took questions from fans, and I asked him what he had learned as a coach in Seattle to prevent “Bleep II!” (referring to his previous, disastrous managing stint in San Diego). Fortunately he took my comment in good humor and said he had learned a lot from Lou Piniella. And yep, we sure saw it over the next three years (I’m being facetious now).

    Thankfully, I now live near Washington, where I get far less tension from watching Bowa’s nephew, Nick Johnson.