From Marc Lancaster:

News today that Dr. Tim Kremchek will perform “exploratory arthroscopic surgery” on Paul Wilson’s right shoulder Friday.

The Reds’ Opening Day starter has been shut down for basically a month now, his ERA hanging unluckily at 7.77, with minimal information forthcoming about what, if any, progress he was making. Guess that tendinitis was more of an issue than Wilson — who insisted throughout a horrible start to the season that he felt fine — cared to let on.

Is anyone surprised?

6 Responses

  1. Glenn

    His pitches just kept getting slower and slower. You just knew there had to be something wrong with his arm. Usually, exploratory surgery is used after normal treatments that should work, don’t. I hope this is not serious, but I can’t imagine its not.

  2. Eric

    At least this means that Hudson and Claussen will definitely stay in the rotation for a while…

  3. CG Hudson

    Now if we could just get Kremcheck to perform some of that “exploratory” surgery on Milton and Ortiz, then the Reds would be in business!

  4. Eric

    I suspect any surgery that is supposed to make him pitch better has to include the severing of his right arm.

  5. EricTW

    I find it hard to believe that two pitchers with consisten mid-4 ERAs go to mid-7 ERAs without some sort of injury problem. That goes for Wilson AND Milton.

  6. Glenn

    I know what you’re saying about players toughing it out, through injuries and there by hurting their club. Its true if a player’s hurt he can’t play up to his best. However, I think they have had to rely on that natural competitive nature their whole lives. Truthfully, without those qualities they wouldn’t be in the big leagues. I just wouldn’t count on a player to be totally truthful about his playing condition. The manager and his staff should be the ones ultimately to make that call. In the case of Sean Casey, there is no way he should have been playing with that shoulder. Management shouldn’t have let him. With Wilson, Jones did call it. He pointed out the dramatic loss in Wilson’s velocity. If he can see it from the booth than Miley and Gullett should have seen it from the dugout. Wilson is a battler. He won’t quit on you. I hope he didn’t ruin his career trying to fight through shoulder problems.