Heard on 700 AM, WLW, that Kearns was sent down to AAA Louisville today, and OF K. Kelly was recalled. ESPN confirms this, and reports that C Dane Sardinha was also recalled and Jason LaRue was placed on the bereavement list.

My take is that they are sending Kearns down to get some regular ABs to get his stroke ironed out. He’s not going to get them in the majors with Wily Mo Pena playing so well. Kelly will be the spare part OF in the mean time.

I’m wondering if there could be a deal brewing soon, either Kearns of someone else, whom he would back fill for.

Stay tuned.


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  1. Tyler

    WOW:( I love Kearns, but I hope he gets traded for his sake. He deserves better. He hasn’t played the way he can, so I hope he can move on and have a great career.

  2. Nate

    I’m not a big fan of Reds management, but this seems like a good move. With the way Pena’s been playing, there just isn’t any room for Kearns right now. I think the fact that they’re sending him down to get some regular at bats suggests that they still see him having a future with the club.

    The worst thing they could do is try to trade him right now, when his value is at its lowest. Let him work on things in the minors, keep shopping Griffey around (quickly, while the hamstring is still in one piece!), and hopefully Kearns will have an improved swing and a spot in the outfield by the all-star break.

  3. Glenn

    This may be big. I agree it sounds like a deal is about to take place.
    As for Kearns himself, I’m old enough to remember a player named Paul Householder. During the late 70’s and early 80’s Householder was supposed to be the future of the Reds. He tore up the minor leagues but he just didn’t have the career everyone thought he would. I’m concerned that Kearns might be this generation’s Paul Householder. Of course I could be wrong and he could end up being this generation’s Paul O’Neil.

  4. Glenn

    By the way, I’m stunned that Romano’s not taking Kearns’ spot on the roster.

  5. Tyler

    Kearns raked in at the Show until Ray King sat on him. I just hope he can get it together.

  6. Brian Erts

    Kearns is way better than Housholder (a Dick Wagner pumped loser if there was ever one) However Kearns is lost and has options, shake his world up and see what happens, he wasn’t taking the world by the throat anyway.

    The game has a long history of guys needing a shakeup, Kearns is one apparently.

  7. Glenn

    Screw Ray King. Believe me guys, I hope my Householder/Kearns comparison is wrong.

  8. Eric

    I definitely agree with this move. Pena has deserved to win the right field job, espeically with the way that Austin hasn’t performed in his absence. Hopefully this will get Austin going again.

    I worry a little bit about the comments that Austin made in the article on reds.com, but hopefully he takes the right attitude and uses this as an oppostunity to get better.


  9. Glenn

    Another thing to think about concerning Austin Kearns. He and Dunn are big buddies. Dunn’s already got a case of the Red ass. If the Reds trade Kearns, there’s no way that Dunn’s not going to react to that. Stay tuned. First the chairs, then the Graves jersey, a Kearns trade next? The soap opera may just be heating up.

  10. Nate

    I could be wrong, but why would the Reds demote Kearns if they’re thinking of trading him? Usually, you showcase the guy your trying to get rid of, as they’re presumably doing with Aurilia. Demoting Kearns hardly adds to his trade value. It seems to me that it’s more likely to mean that they aren’t trading him and want him to take the time to regain his stroke until a position opens up. I still think Jr. will be the one to go if he stays healthy.

  11. ohiobobcat

    When Kearns was drafted I remember hearing the comparisons to Kevin McReynolds. At the time I remember thinking wouldnt the organization want to shoot a little higher than projecting their 1st rounder?

    Simply, Kearns is a flawed player currently. There is certainly time to work it out, but his year-by-year performance is not on the positive side of the curve.

    Pena is the future, and must be played 150 games a season. Ditto with Dunn. There’s not a lot of room for Kearns as a corner outfielder on this ballclub, unless Griffey/Casey are either injured or traded.

  12. Tyler

    Casey needs to be traded and Dunn needs to play first. That solves all the OF problems and will give us some pitching prospects.

  13. Eric

    I still think that Casey should be traded with Dunn moving to first and Kearns playing OF…but right now, Casey is outperforming Austin, and would probably draw more in a trade.

    I think giving Austin some time to right himself in AAA is a good idea, and hopefully O’Brien is shopping Casey for pitching.

  14. Blue

    Whatever trades the Reds make, they need to get two good starting pitchers and (I think) a good left-handed prospect for the bullpen. (I’d see if the Rockies would take Dunn for Chacon and Kennedy.)

    Speaking of the bullpen, I think the Reds are on the verge of something special. Look at the recent numbers of Todd Coffey in the majors, and Chris Booker and Simpson in AAA. Throw in Wagner, Keisler, possibly Wilson, and a lefty prospect, and that is very formiddable.

  15. Blue

    Okay. A caveat…

    Simpson was rocked today. But he had been stellar since making the adjustment from the mountain air, until now.

  16. Blue

    If Dunn would make an adjustment to his swing, he could reduce the rather large area of the strike zone that he can’t hit.

    If we can solve our starting pitching woes by trading Dunn, we should do so. Its not like its going to leave a hole in the lineup or something. If the starting pitching is fixed, they’ll still score plenty of runs without Dunn.

  17. Glenn

    Why do we have to trade anyone? A lineup with Dunn, Casey, Kearns/Pena, Griffey, Freel and now Lopez is pretty potent. The Reds should keep what they have in position players and concentrate on this group of young starting pitchers, who if they can stay healthy look as if they may have solid MLB careers. As starters the Reds have Harang, Claussen, Hudson and Hancock. Hancock, I admit he’s the dark horse in that crowd, but he lasted most of last year with the club and finished with a winning record. He must have some talent. The bullpen, once the real strength of the Reds is a weak point. There’s no clear closer. Wagner and Weathers are inconsistent. Merkcer’s been pretty solid. If you look at it, aside from the fall of Danny Graves, the problems on the pitching staff have started with the guys, O’Brien brought in, Milton, Ortiz, Weathers and Weber. Combined with the injury/poor performance of Wilson, the Milton and Ortiz’s starts have left the Reds so far behind the bats can’t catch up. I don’t really know, but I suspect that one of the reasons the Reds have had problems driving in runners in scoring opportunities is because the hitters are pressing, trying to come back from holes the starting pitching has left them in.
    To sum it up, I say the Reds should keep their position players, and focus on developing those young starters I mentioned above. Don’t panic. This season is not going to be a good one. There’s no way around that. Spend money, (wisely as Chris and Greg would say) on some reliable relief pitchers.

  18. Tyler

    If we trade Dunn we better get Felix Hernadez or Delmon Young.

    Which isn’t going to happen. So keep him.

  19. Glenn

    I hope you’re wrong about Hudson and Hancock because the Reds have much of the Reds’ future invested in those guys stepping up into the starting rotation. Even if they don’t do all that well, can they be any worse than Milton and Ortiz have been?

  20. Glenn

    I noticed that there are no hall of famers in the bunch. A list like that just shows how poorly the Reds have done over the years evaluating pitching talent. Is the organization just that clueless?

  21. Surly Lout

    I’m with Nate. Much as I love Jr., I’d trade him for pitching now, live or die with Kearns, Willy Mo and Dunn in the of.

  22. Glenn

    A trade of Griff for some good pitching might be in order if the Reds could contract the deal out to some other evaluators of pitching talent. This organization is miserable at finding talent on the mound. Griff is putting together a 30 hr, 90+ RBI season. I just forsee another Rob Bell deal in the future where the Reds in a state of panic, trade a productive player off for someone elses phenom. Of course, two years later we all play that, “I wonder whatever happened to that guy” game.

  23. Heath

    Re – Post #30

    That would be great – but you are eventually going to end up in September with an OF of Chris Denorfia, Kenny Kelly, & Jacob Cruz…

    That’s the injury/trades OF…. 😯