Nice performance last night – inconsistent Lopez and strikeout-prone Dunn got lucky again. Claussen pitched well.

Today, its Sid Ponson vs. Ramon Ortiz. Hopefully, Ortiz can rebound from his last, terrible outing. Hopefully, Rich Aurilia’s constant griping doesn’t weasel him into the lineup. Hopefully, this post-Denver warm streak doesn’t save the job of anyone who needs to be working elsewhere. Hopefully, Chad returns soon, so I don’t have to post these game threads. 🙂

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  1. Glenn

    This had to be Claussen’s best performance as a Red. It’s going to be interesting to see how it works out once Harang, Hudson, Claussen and eventually Hancock all get back pitching again. If that happens, it may tend to make O’Brien look even worse than he does already. OB spent big money on Milton, Oritz and to resign Wilson. They have been disappointing to say the least. The money could have been spent much more efficiently. If the $ had not went out on these veteran (read over the hill) pitchers, possibly the Reds could have purchased a couple of relief pitchers with more talent than Weber and Weathers. Having said all that, the season probably wouldn’t have started off very well anyway because of the injuries to Hudson, Hancock and Wilson. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but losing because the team has key injuries is easier for me to take that losing because you stink. Oh, and by the way, I just hate to waste money, even if its not mine.

  2. Brian Erts

    NO TV , so I listened to the O’s feed. They actually announce the game and leave the other stuff out, but that also means you have to listen to the mi-sinformation.

    Sample:Dunn is an easy out, but has power. They also ripped on the Reds horribly, like they (the O’s) were the Yankees, Joe Angel and some other guy….. pleasing on the ears but content light.

    It’s just amazing how little the AL announcers seem to know about the NL, you’d think that that they would at least know the industry they worked in.

    It’s not like plowing through product specs or law briefs.

  3. Glenn

    Anyone know why WMP has not been in the lineup the last couple of games?

  4. Eric

    He and Freel have been battling injuries.

    Honestly, I feel that when Wilson comes off the DL, we’ll see either Hudson or Ortiz go to the bullpen, depending on how each is pitching. If Hudson can string together a few good starts, I think we’ll see him stay in the rotation.

  5. Glenn

    Actually, this was a pretty well pitched series for the Reds. Harang and Claussen did really well, Ortiz pitched well enough to win. I keep hoping that Ortiz will get his act together, but everytime he looks decent, he follows it up with a crummy peformance. Let’s hope Hudson can piece together a good season, because I still think Milton’s hiding an injury.

  6. Eddie

    Harang, Claussen and Hudson are the not-so-distant future of the club.

  7. Glenn

    I hope you’re wrong about any trade of Harang. I fear that given the Reds history, you could be right.