Since we’re back online, here’s a game thread for tonight. Luke Hudson is getting his first start of the season (Elizardo Ramirez was sent down to AAA to make room).

How’s Luke going to look tonight? That’s the question.

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  1. abner

    This series has been like the Reds playing the Reds.

  2. Eric

    Good to see the offensive explosion…I really hope that tehy saved a few runs for the Orioles over the weekend.

  3. Glenn

    Well, Luke wasn’t exactly great, but he did keep the Reds in the game. Let’s pray that he’ll give the pitching staff a boost in the same direction that WMP gave the offense.

  4. Glenn

    I just remembered the next series was against Baltimore. Then depression set in.

  5. Heath

    Had a nice evening at the game last night – saw the hall of fame for the first time – enjoyed some Skyline & a Brat. Good Times.

    Hey, as an added bonus, the boys in Red won. Double Good Times.

    16,000+ there last night. I stayed to the end. I was walking out of the stadium and it seemed like 25,000 people were there.

  6. Greg

    I had the joy of listening to Marty and John Fay last night in the 2nd inning. They were trying to figure out Eric Milton’s struggles and why this “14-game winner” isn’t getting the job done this year. I paraphrase (though this is fairly close) “I don’t understand why he isn’t winning games. I know that the Phillies scored 6.5 runs per start for Milton, but he still won 14 games while giving up 43 homers.” They told themselves the answer out loud…RUN SUPPORT.

    It is frustrating that they don’t seem to understand that W-L record is based on ERA vs Run Support. It goes back to the Jimmy Haynes vs Chris Reitsma comparison a couple of years back. Haynes won 15 games under a lot of run support. Reitsma was getting terrible run support and was moved to the bullpen for losing double-digit games.

    That said, it is disturbing that Milton’s ERA isn’t even close to his career mark. I could live with whatever W-L record would come from a 4.50-5.00 ERA because that is his career mark. But he is just throwing meatballs up there.

    I heard he is scheduled to face the Boston offense on Monday. That should make Manny Ramirez fantasy owners happy.

  7. Glenn

    I heard Tracey Jones mention the other day on his radio show that Milton’s fastball was down in the range of 84 mph. Last year it was said to bee around 88 to 90. For whatever reason, it appears that Milton is not throwing nearly as hard as he was last year. Maybe its something in the water because as I recall, loss of velocity was also both Graves and Wilson’s problems. We know Wilson has been hurt and we suspect Graves also damaged his arm. Can Milton have the same problem?

  8. Chris

    Maybe they’re slowing it down to “pitch to contact.”

  9. Glenn

    I think they got that “pitch to contact” thing down pat.