A little while ago, I received this email from my hosting provider, alerting me to problems:

We received this message from our Datacenter today:

We are experiencing power problems in our Virginia Datacenter. There is a power outage affecting the entire building. We are running on backup power, but the generators have not taken the power load from the UPS. Therefore, we have taken the rather extreme action of shutting down servers before we experience irreparable hardware failure. We are in constant communication with the engineers and expect to have the situation rectified ASAP. We apologize for this inconvenience and will update you as soon as possible.

This accounts for the interruption in service. They are apparently having some heavy storms and have experienced a power outage. We will update everyone as soon as we know anything.

That explains why you may have had trouble with the site today. Sorry about that, but I guess things are working now, or you wouldn’t be reading this.