This is interesting. From McCoy:

’32’ jersey confiscated

More clubhouse intrigue surfaced when the Reds returned home from their 1-5 trip to Houston and Denver.

The red ’32’ Danny Graves jersey that Adam Dunn hung on the clubhouse wall near his locker was gone. And Dunn isn’t happy about it. When he put it up, in honor of his departed friend and teammate, Dunn said, “If that goes, I go.”

Asked if it were removed in his absence, Dunn said, “You don’t think anybody would be brave to take it down in front of me, do you? It was gone when we came back from the trip.”

McCoy also reports that the massage chairs “now gather dust in the clubhouse chapel.”

10 Responses

  1. Eric

    Are they TRYING to piss Dunn off? I ask because they seem to do a pretty good job of it.

  2. Malott

    yeah. I am the biggest Dunn supporter their is. I don’t understand removing the chair, I don’t understand the criticism he takes for his hitting, but the Graves Jersey was a little over the top. The Reds are seriously screwing this up though.

  3. Glenn

    Everyone on the Reds needs to step back take a deep breath. What little team chemistry they seem to have is going to completely disolve over stupid stuff like chairs and jerseys. It does always seem like people can handle the big stuff that comes at them, its the trivial crap that sets them over the edge. Let’s face it, Miley overeacted by sending the chairs packing. Dunn threw it back in his face w/Graves’ jersey. These two guys need to walk over to the clubhouse chapel, sit down in the massage chairs and work their problems out for the good of the organization. This will be a test for O’Brien. If Miley and Dunn don’t take steps to nip this in the bud on their own, O’Brien needs to step in and see that it happens.

  4. Eric

    Miley seems to have some serious communications issues if he didnt’ talk to Dunn about this jersey before.

    Sit Dunn down, explain that we can’t leave the jersey up, it’s time to move on. If Dunn doesn’t agree, tell him if he doesn’t take it down, it will be gone by the time he gets back from the road trip.

    This passive agressive crap has to go.

  5. Glenn

    Good stat on Dunn’s AB’s. It gets me to thinking. What logical explanation can there be for Dunn to have aprx 20 less at bats that Casey and Griffey? Dunn’s On Base pct is pretty high and he’s close to leading the team in RBI’s. I don’t think Miley’s a dummy by any means, but I can’t come up with a good reason for the Reds to not max out on opportunities for Dunn to drive in runs. Its a mystery to me.

  6. Tyler

    Miley is not a leader. He’s afraid of and doesn’t like Adam Dunn. He seems not to be addressing the situation. Eric’s right, the passive aggressive garbage needs to go. It’s not how to lead a team. It’s the reason he gets no respect in the clubhouse, and he’s lost his team.

    It’s over, Miley has to go, his team has quit on him. And I’m saying this after a sweep.

  7. Eddie

    If Dunn worried half as much about his hitting as he does everything else in around the clubhouse, he would be batting .400.

  8. Eric

    That’s right…the .400 OBP, .550 SLG, and 16 bombs obviously means that Dunn is distracted.

    He’d have a 1.200 OPS is he actually cared about hitting and not office politics.

    C’mon Eddie…that was just a stupid comment.

  9. Glenn

    Sign Adam Dunn, Austin Kearns and WMP to long term contracts. Griffey is unfortunately, one serious injury away from retirement. Keep Casey, Freel, Lopez and dare I say Randa. Don’t panic.

  10. Eric

    Dunn should be signed now. If WMP keeps it up the rest of the year, he should be signed as well.

    As much as I like Austin, he hasn’t done it at the major league level enough yet to sign him long term.

    If someone has to go to make room, it’s Casey.