Nice article today on Eric Davis. The more I think about it, Davis is my favorite Red of all time.

From the amazing things he did early on, to the incredibly classy way he handled a lot of b.s. from Reds fans (“he’s a wimp”), to his triumphant comeback to the Reds and his battle with cancer, and the way he developed into such a leader, there’s so much to like. The Big Red Machine guys were better, I guess, but (1) I was really in my baseball fan prime (age 12-14) when Davis came up, and (2) all those BRM guys now have some sort of baggage with them. (Certainly gambling-Rose and the now-inexplicably-stupid Morgan. Bench and Perez have just lost some sort of luster).

Anyway, I’ll always be a huge Davis guy, and can’t be happier that he’s getting inducted to the Reds HOF.

2 Responses

  1. Eric

    Davis is definitely my favorite player of all time. I just loved the way he played the game and the fact that he probably the best player in baseball for a short time before injuries slowed him down.

    I’m very glad to see him get into the Reds HOF and will be there on Saturday to see him get inducted,


  2. Glenn

    I loved to watch Eric Davis play CF. For about 4-5 years he was one of the best in the game. The tragedy was he couldn’t stay healthy. If he had, his might have been a HOF career.