Sorry for the late game thread. I’ve been busy, and it appears that none of the other slackers here at RN are capable of posting a game thread. 🙂

So it’s up to me. Reds are up 3-1 now on the strength of a moon shot by Wily Mo and a two-run HR by Randa.

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  1. Chad

    Milton’s about to blow it. 3-2 now, with runners at the corners and no outs.

  2. Heath

    at halftime is the Buccaneers 7, Bengals 3.

    (sarcasticly looking forward to going down tommorrow night – but I am going to the HOF & hopefully eating at the Machine Room –

  3. Chris

    Marty keeps asking “how, in good conscience, the Reds can keep sending Eric Milton out there every 5th day?”

    He keeps harping on this, and he’s 100% right.

  4. Chris

    Also, Luke “the savior” Hudson will be starting tomorrow night. All other starters will be moved back a day.

    Marty said this should help Harang, who has been worked fairly hard lately (in 2005 terms, anyway). His pitch counts, working backward: 100, 112, 113, 119, 115, 111, 94, 102, 94, 99, 96.

  5. Chris

    Can anyone explain the point of Luis Lopez? Why does Miley insist on playing his least-effective players the most?

  6. Glenn

    You’re not going to turn this season around using players like L. Lopez and Romano. I just don’t get it.
    As for Milton. What choice does Miley have? The Reds paid millions for that guy. O’Brien to thank there. There’s no way they are going to eat another big contract.

  7. Glenn

    It just occurred to me (cause I’m slow) that because of the contracts of guys like Graves, Jimenez, Milton, Ortiz, et al, after the all star break the Reds will probably start theyre anual paring down of the payroll. Milton and Ortiz will have no trade value at all. We’ll be stuck with them. Guys like Randa, Griffey, Kearns, and dare I say Dunn are going to be likely trade bait for some AA prospect. I can’t think of any of these so called prospects that have worked out in the past. Can You? Man, this is depressing.

  8. Glenn

    Dare I say it. Tampa Bay’s bullpen is almost as bad as Cincy’s.

  9. Chad

    We need to have Wily Mo Pena bobblehead night every single night of the year.

  10. Tyler

    Go WMP. He’s strong like bull!!!!! I love this guy!

    Wily Mo…..welcome back, we’ve missed you.

  11. Glenn

    That was impressive. Did Griff and Willy Mo pull the fat out of the fire, or what.

  12. Greg

    Another example of Gullet needing to go. I know many argue that he hasn’t been given a lot of talent to work with in recent years, but how many guys have come in with career 4.5-5.0 ERAs only to see their numbers explode into 7.00+ range? Not to mention that we haven’t seen him help a single minor league prospect.

  13. Greg

    Devil Rays celebrated last year after post their franchise’s 1st 70-win season. While you look at that, and feel somewhat comforted that there is someone worse than the Reds, they have much more hope in their minor league system and a number of intriguing and promising prospects.

  14. Greg

    Think Dunn’s 8th inning homer will get any mention in the morning’s Cincinnati papers?

  15. Glenn

    You are right on the money. Gullett doesn’t have a leg to stand on. His pitching staffs have beeen awful and they have been awful for quite awhile. It didn’t just start this season.

  16. Eric

    Nice to see the boys come back and win that one last night. Now that the Reds have won both games with Wily Mo back, it makes me wonder what their record is with him in the lineup vs. not.

    It definitely seems to have jump-started the offense in the last couple of games, granted it is against a horrible Tampa Bay pitching staff.

  17. Heath

    Yep, Willy Mo gets benched tonight. I’m sure of it. I was hoping to see WMP & Harang…now I’ll get Luke Hudson & Jacob Cruz because Kearns isn’t getting a shot. 🙄

    Maybe we could rename this forum Willy Mo’s Redleg Nation.