Here’s an interesting item for all you mid-80s Reds fans. It was purportedly used by one of the more under-appreciated members of those terrible Reds teams, Eddie Milner – a 21st round draft pick, by the way.

6 Responses

  1. Heath

    Eddie did a fine job, he had a problem of trying to steal first base…..

  2. Brian B.

    He may also have had a little problem back then with the thick white line on the way to first base.

    I was a big Eddie fan and still am. He always played hard and had the talent to go with it. I caught a game on ESPN Classic a couple years ago (it might have been the Pete Rose 4192 game, but I seem to remember it was a random game) where Milner made a catch at full speed slamming into the center field wall. It reminded me of how solid he was. And I can’t believe I’m saying this about a career .253 hitter.

  3. Brian Erts

    Bill James said that Milner was one of the best fielding CF of that era. Maybe even all time worthy as a fielder.

  4. Chris

    .253 wasn’t SO bad back then, for a slick-fielding CF who could run. He had a career OBP of .333, which was above average for the era. Career 95 OPS+, which says he was just below average offensively. He just spent a long time in the minors, and was 27 by the time he got his 10th AB in the show. Actually sounds like I’m describing this guy, absent the gold gloves.

  5. Eddie

    Milner was my favorite Red growing up.

  6. Eric

    Didn’t Milner have drug problems as well? That probably contributed to the short career…