From the DDN

Sunday, that resulted in a 6-5 Burlington victory over the Dragons in 11 long innings as starter Ramon Ramirez was rewarded for his five run-less innings with a no-decision, having expended 70 pitches, just under the mandatory Reds organization limit for Class A Midwest League pitchers.

There had been some let-up in the system recently, which moved off a four-day, eight-starter tandem system to a five-man starting rotation. The system reverts back to the tandem system 14 games from now, when the second half starts.

The other part of the system emphasizes throwing to contact and not walking batters, a concept the staff assembled for the Dragons has not mastered, adding nine more walks Sunday to raise the league-leading total to 246.

I realize that the main point of the minor leagues isn’t necessarily to win games, but other than the fact that no pitchers from the Dragons have had arm surgery this season, is this “philosophy” working?