From this AM’s Cincinnati Enquirer, Paul Daugherty‘s column:

When you send your top hired gun to Colorado, for the last game of a lost road trip, it’s not so he can experience a Rocky Mountain high. John Allen, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, was going out there to collect a Red scalp or two. Someone who had a job Sunday morning would not have one Sunday night.


“I don’t have a solution,” Allen, the Reds chief operating officer (COO) declared. Is that right? If you’re not firing somebody, it’s just frequent flyer miles. “I’m not coming in here carrying a big stick.” Thanks for that, John.

It pretty much continues in this vein. He quotes Allen as saying this wasn’t just a PR move because of the upcoming 13 of 17 games at home and the fact that the owners have to be afraid that attendance is going to start dropping to Montreal-like levels.

As someone said yesterday on the Reds list though…what really can be done now?

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  1. Brian Erts

    Currently the Reds have drawn 55% of the capacity of the GAB (54% last year)

    No wonder Allen is worried.