Here’s a game thread to discuss yet another start by Rich Aurilia.

Go Reds!

5 Responses

  1. Chad

    “And there’s a shot into right-center!”

    So says George Grande, just before the second baseman hauled in a popup three steps onto the grass.

    Boy, he’s just terrible.

  2. Dan

    Yes, Grande is horrible. I do enjoy laughing at chris “don’t I look like Tom Selleck with my mustache?” welsh when he talks about his horrible pitching career.

    I’m actually rooting for Aurillia to get hot enough for the Reds to trade him. Maybe if he puts up good enough numbers we could get something like a new asst equipment manager, or a new bucket of sunflower seeds. Keep up the good work Rich!

  3. Glenn

    Lopez, Griffey and Randa are the only ones playing ball. Kearns and Dunn are napping and the pitching staff is the worst in the league. Aurilla’s part of the problem but in the same breath, getting rid of him doesn’t solve much. Miley has got to go. What’s Sparky doing these days? He might be 105 years old, but he could be three days dead and still do a better job than Miley is right now.

  4. Tyler

    Sparky is younger than McKeon!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Glenn

    Tyler, you ruined my day. I’d forgotten how bad the Reds had screwed over McKeon. That was another legacy left over from the Bowden years. Thou shalt screw over anyone who brings success to the organization.