From the DDN:

All of the hitting overshadowed Bailey, the Reds’ No. 1 draft pick last summer, who surrendered five runs (four earned) over just two innings at Burlington in his previous start. Powell thought he might have tried to be a little fine with his pitches in this game, especially when the Bees fouled off so many, wasting much of Bailey’s 75-pitch count.

Bailey didn’t have his good stuff last night, but still impressed me. He seems to have a nice easy “over the top” motion and looked to have a pretty good pickoff move to 1B. He did give up 4-5 hits, but none of them were hit hard, they were dinks and dunks. The Bees could not get the bat around on Bailey at all.

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  1. Tyler

    Thanks Bill, I really appreciate it. I’m really excited about him.