From the AP

Cincinnati Reds chief operating officer John Allen flew to Denver and met with manager Dave Miley on Sunday to discuss the direction of the struggling franchise.

Calling the team’s performance this season “unacceptable,” Allen said he didn’t speak directly to the players, but acknowledged changes could be on the way if things don’t turn around soon.

“Certainly the status-quo end result is unacceptable,” Allen said before Sunday’s game against Colorado. “I’m not going to pinpoint names, but I don’t think any of us find this acceptable. We have some very professional players in this locker room that I know are in a lot of misery right now.”

The Reds come home after today’s game, yet Allen felt the need to go out to Denver? Could this be Miley’s last game as manager?

3 Responses

  1. Glenn

    This trip sounds pretty ominous to me. The bat boys are probably going to be fired. All you 12 year olds start working on your resumes.

  2. Tyler

    With Marge Schott Hiring Allen, his story makes even moore sence. We’re talking about a women who made Lou Pinella pay for bats he signed and gave to a local charity.

  3. Tyler

    Wow, I just read my post. Apparently I’m illiterate and can’t spell sense or more. Sorry.