From the Cincinnati Enquirer

Miley’s reasoning for the odd lineup was Colorado left-hander Jeff Francis has had more trouble with right-handed hitters than left-handed ones.


Coming in., right-handers were hitting .303 off Francis, left-handers .270. But Francis had walked only two lefties, compared with 28 right-handers. He also had given up six home runs to right-handers and none to lefties.

But the numbers are skewed by the fact that Francis had faced many more right-handers (33 at-bats) than left-handers (185) before Friday.

Griffey has feasted on pitching at Coors. Entering the series, he was hitting .360 with eight home runs and 21 RBI in 50 at-bats. Dunn is hitting .333 with five homers in 33 at-bats here.

Miley’s reasons for these moves last night defy explanation.

The thing I find more interesting is that Fay (for John) basically rips him on it. The local media just doesn’t do this…

Could it be a sign that the end is near for Miley? And if so, who’s the logical replacement?

3 Responses

  1. Brian Erts

    When the manager and his actions in lineup construction and clubhouse policing begin to be the daily story of the team as opposed to the action on the field then something usually has to change.

    Miley has limited Big league experience as a a coach and it seems to show in his AAA handling of players as well as the lineup.

    Very Vern Rapp and Don Heffner, a man that might be a good fit in ML ball but way over his head in the handling of a MLB team.

  2. Glenn

    We may be seeing the first signs of Miley loosing the clubhouse. If the Reds are thinking about letting Miley go, I would hope, probably against all hope, that O’Brien, et al, are at this minute sizing up possible replacements should this season not turn around. Plainning seems not to be a strong point in this organization.