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As the Cincinnati Reds filed into the clubhouse early Friday and peered at the lineup card hanging on the wall, reactions mostly were stunned, confused … or both.

“Are we facing Sandy Koufax tonight?” asked one. “Or is it Randy Johnson?”
“Are we trying to win?” asked another.
“Are Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn hurt?” asked a third.
No, no and no … and neither Griffey nor Dunn were in the lineup for Friday night’s game against Colorado Rockies left-hander Jeff Francis (4-2, 5.24 ERA).
Manager Dave Miley decided to stack his lineup with right-handed hitters, leaving Griffey and Dunn in the dugout, or, as Griffey said, “Leave 22 home runs and 63 RBIs out of the lineup … in Coors Field.”

That’s two of the team’s beat writers taking shots at Miley. This is just not done in Cincinnati.

I don’t see Miley lasting the month. Shortly, the schedule gets a whole lot tougher and they’ve not shown any signs of even being able to beat bad teams

I was a big advocate for Miley getting this job, but he’s been terrible. His decisions make absolutely no sense and it’s apparent that this is going to be one of the worst seasons in Reds history and someone has to take the fall for it and soon.

It’s going to be Miley.

The only hope is that in the long run it’s O’Brien and his “braintrust” also.

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  1. tom

    How about Tracy Jones for manager. He’s a smart baseball guy with some ‘kick in the ass’ spirit.