Here’s a game thread to discuss tonight’s game, but here’s a topic to get started:

Dave Miley needs to be fired immediately.

He is completely incompetent, and at this point, I don’t think I’d mind seeing Bob Boone re-hired. Okay, I’m not that desperate, but…

Via Red Reporter, I see this from the DDN:

“I came to the park early, all happy and smiling after a day off, ready to take some extra hitting,” Griffey said. “Dunn said, ‘Why are you so happy? You’re not in the lineup and neither am I.’ ”

Griffey visited Miley’s office to lobby for his spot, but Miley wouldn’t budge. Dunn didn’t try.

“I had a day off Thursday and don’t need (another one), but I can’t say anything because I suck,” he said.

I agree with JD’s conclusion:

We’ve lost Adam Dunn. Completely and utterly, one of the 10 best players in the game today, and there’s no chance he’s going to want to be a Red any longer than he has to be. What a waste.

Dan O’Brien and Dave Miley must go immediately, or there is no chance the Reds will be able to re-sign Adam Dunn to a long-term contract.

Let’s not fool around here: signing Adam Dunn to a long contract is the single thing this team needs to do more than any other. It’s the one move that will go furthest toward pushing the Reds to a competitive state.

You can tell from Dunn’s comments recently that he does not like the Reds organization, so why would he stay here any longer than he can? And who can blame him; he’s been jerked around more than any other superstar in the game.

Would anyone else with an OPS and HR numbers like Dunn’s have been benched in Colorado?

Sean Casey was in the lineup, though, wasn’t he? It’s clear that the Reds prefer nice guys to great players.

I’m sick and tired of this nonsense. This team is so mismanaged, it is absurd.

12 Responses

  1. Chad

    Did anyone see this coming? I mean, I wanted the Reds to hire Miley when they did. I didn’t expect him to be so incompetent.

    Another Miley is crazy note: why does Rich Aurilia continue to start? Is it the sizzling 589 OPS, or the dazzling .194 BA? I can’t decide.

  2. Brian Erts

    I was against teh Miley signing, he gives me a AAAA feeling, not an innovative mind, not a star, not a player with experience outside of ML.

    Got to have some cache, otherwise you are the company man who gets the job and drives the company off the cliff because you were never able to make a decision that worked out in a position that demands that occasionally you do.

  3. Chad

    I can’t believe Miley isn’t pinch hitting for Junior and Dunn in the 9th, with a lefty on the mound.

  4. Glenn

    Right now the Reds are so screwed up its scary. On paper this looks like a pretty competetive team, but no one is playing worth a damm. I like Dave Miley. He’s paid his dues with this organization, but I have to stick to my guns here. MLB is all about performance. If you are not getting the job done, someone else needs to get the call. The Reds’front office chemistry just sucks. No one seems to be happy.

  5. Glenn

    This lineup experimentation Miley seems to be into is sending him right to the unemployment line. Its easy, nine out of ten nights, you write this on the card and give it to the crew chief: 1b Casey, 2b Freel, 3b Randa, SS Lopez, C Larue, Lf Dunn, CF Griffey, RF Kearns,(at least until WMP gets back). If these players don’t get it done, then its their failing, not Miley’s. However, if he keeps throwing ghosts in the machine, he’s doing nothing but making the situation worse.

  6. Tyler

    I agree that Miley deserved a shot. He’s worked for the Reds for a long time and got his shot at the bigs. Well, he got it. Now it’s time to end his tenure with the Reds.

  7. Heath

    Somewhere Jason Romano has a picture of DanO and a pony.

    Kinda like Willie Greene’s spell over Jim Bowden…

  8. CG Hudson

    Just got done reading the piece on Dunn in the June Reds Report and as soon as they finally fire Miley, would anyone else like to see Chris Chambliss given a shot at managing this team? The article talks about his relationship of mutual respect with Dunn and his overall emphasis on plate discipline as an approach. His resume is stocked with winning Yankee teams that emphasized obp. I don’t know if he even would want the job but he seems to be the best in-house option they’ve got.

  9. Todd Bute

    Some of you guys have no clue to what is going on…When you have pitchers that should be AAA/AA pictures then your not going to win no matter who you play on the field or what your batting order is. Remember Dave Miley doesn’t do the signing/drafting of this team. Sparky Anderson couldn’t win with this team much less your local High School coach…

  10. Brian Erts

    Some of you guys have no clue to what is going on…

    That would make us candidates for the Reds Front Office then correct?

    You’re correct that the pitching is the problem.

    Not using your players in a position that best takes advantage’s of their skillset helps point to a bigger problem that surrounds the Reds.

    Not using their hiring power properly, not using their money properly, not using their players properly.

    Yes the pitching stinks.

    But the rest of the fruit is bruised and rotten in places too.

  11. Todd Bute

    Well now that Miley has been fired and O’Brien has his man Narron (Miley’s back stabber) lets see what these two genius (right) can do. Remember Miley couldn’t run this team the way he wanted to….My god, he couldn’t even pick his own coaches. And with Dunn-Miley coached him in AAA and I’m sure there’s more problems their then we all know. Anyway, David Miley will manage again. Lets just hope it ain’t with the Reds. org. and lets see how long O’Brien/Narron hang around….Wake up Linder