This site seems to have accurate salary information about the Reds, as well as some amusing pictures.

This sentence makes me cry:

2006 option worth 8.5M was GUARANTEED by CIN on 10/29/04

The site looks like it’s run by someone in San Diego. Not me. Bet it took a long time to input contract information for every team.

3 Responses

  1. Chris

    I also learned that Milton and Mercker share an agent. Here are some other “teams”: Casey and Randa; and Graves, Machado, and Olmedo. Bizarre.

  2. Tom

    It was just a matter of time anyway before Casey’s 2006 8.5M option kicked in automatically anyway. From the Post’s archive:

    Because of the language in the contract, the Reds had to pick up Casey’s option by Monday if they wanted to pick it up at all. However, there’s a good chance it would have kicked in anyway thanks to performance incentives built into Casey’s deal. His option would have vested automatically if he reached a total of 1,500 at-bats in the 2003-05 seasons, and he needs only 356 more to reach that mark.