I don’t really know who to blame, O’Brien for filling the roster with garbage or Miley because he insists on using it.

Tuesday alone we see Jason Romano farting around on the basepaths, Aurilia turning in a tasty O-fer, with a GIDP for desert, and the Ricky Stone giving up a game-sealing homer to Ichabod Cra–, er Adam Everett.

Losing because of these imbeciles is very frustrating, especially since the “real” players did pretty well. And I don’t think I’ll ever understand a man who given 35 Abs to William Bergolla, and 104 to the Bad Man, yet has only been able to find 39 for Jacob Cruz, who’s proving to be one of the better pinch-hitters in the league.

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5 Responses

  1. Tatanka

    Wow, many of the images are hillarious. It must’ve taken you a while to find these too.

    And Everett DOES look like Cray. Creepy.

  2. Heath

    Well, when Willy Mo comes back, Jason Romano leaves. That’s one.

    I’m resigned to the fact the Aurilia is here the rest of the year.

    Right now, we can’t even get a bucket of baseballs for Austin Kearns.

    I hate say this – but its starting to feel like when Sean Casey gets warmed up….he’s gone.

  3. Tyler

    Great pictures!! The Reds are playing bad baseball, and when you compound that with poor managing, you will lose most of the time. Jacob Cruz cannot be that bad of a baserunner that Romano needed to pinch run.

    When WMP comes back that will hopefully give us a boost. But while he’s been out Kearns should have played every day, and he hasn’t even come close. Hitters need consistent AB’s to get in a grove.

    This is a decent team with Idiots running it. We never were good enough to win the division, but no reason we shouldn’t finish .500, and that doesn’t look even remotely possible now.

  4. Brian Erts

    Those phots are rich, great stuff.

    I for one love the use of scrubs… in limited duty… as defensive replacements.

    Miley is a Mauchen type of manager though.

    I didn’t see that coming at all.

  5. Glenn

    Romona has no business in the bigs. Kearns is pressing and it shows. Aurilla costs 600K. If managment will turn loose of 9 million w/Graves and Jimenez, I don’t see where Aurilla has much of a leg to stand on. Weber costs less than that. When he comes off the DL, he’s already got one foot in the grave and the other on a bannana peel.
    Whatever they do trading Casey would be a huge mistake. He’s quickly turning into the only reason to come to the ballpark.