Here’s an open thread to discuss today’s Memorial Day game.

I’ve enjoyed listening to the Astros announcers (on the television broadcast) today. One just said, “Dunn is batting .242. That doesn’t begin to describe what he’s been able to do with the bat this year.”

It would be nice to hear that from Reds announcers or read it in the Cincy papers once in a while.

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  1. C. Eling

    Did anyone see this coming for Harang? Maybe it’s just in contrast to the rest of the rotation, but after a few average performances to start the year, he’s been just phenomonal over the past six weeks. After today’s shutout, his ERA is now below 3.00, and with the peripherals to back it up. Notably, only 5 HRs allowed thus far in 67 IP – this was a real problem for him last year, as I recall. He had a straight fastball that was often left up. I’ve not been able to watch him pitch this year – does anyone have a handle on his improvement? Is it better location, more reliance on other pitches for strikes, more movement on the fastball…