What’s this all about? From ESPN.com:

Right-hander Rob Bell walked eight of 10 batters Saturday in his second extended spring training game since being placed on the 15-day disabled list because of personal and psychological issues.

Bell went on the disabled list May 14, four days after he pitched against the Chicago White Sox. He faced one batter and walked him on five pitches, including two that reached the backstop.

In Saturday’s game against New York Yankees minor leaguers, Bell threw just 16 of 53 pitches for strikes. Three of his first eight pitches went over the catcher’s head to the backstop.

“I don’t know. I’m searching for answers myself,” Bell said.

Bell was coming off an encouraging performance Monday, when he allowed two hits and threw 20 of 35 pitches for strikes. He walked three, including two on close 3-2 pitches, in the game against Toronto minor leaguers.

“I felt more comfortable on the mound today than I did the other day,” Bell said. “I honestly did. I just couldn’t get it going in the right direction or keep it going in the right direction. The frustrating part is I throw a good pitch and then throw 10 bad ones.”

The next Mark Wohlers or Rick Ankiel?

3 Responses

  1. Chris Eling

    Not Wohlers or Ankiel – this one is diagnosed to some extent. From Will Carroll’s ‘Under The Knife’ at BP a couple weeks ago:

    “I feel for Rob Bell. As many of you know, I suffered panic attacks for a couple years. Those attacks, a painful, debilitating condition that I’m happy seems to be in my past, should never be downplayed or doubted. Mental conditions have too much stigma and I admire Bell for admitting to the problems and seeking help. I hope the Devil Rays will handle this properly. Bell’s control is the least concern at this point. Good luck, Rob.”

  2. Glenn

    His panic attacks probably started after he learned that he was leaving an organization, such as the Braves to be traded to a team that has no clue when it comes to pitching. My guess is he never got over it.