John Fay’s Reds Insider column today says:

The Reds pushed D’Angelo Jimenez and Danny Graves out the door, but those two players weren’t the only two who have underperformed.

For those who choose to second-guess the front office’s offseason moves, that’s understandable. But who could have imagined that so many players who were being counted on would perform like this?

He then gives a list of players who have, according to him, performed badly…

Graves, Jimenez, Wilson, Milton, Hudson, Hancock, LaRue, Aurilla, and Pena

I would argue (and have) that Hudson and Hancock should never have been counted on. Pena’s been very effective when healthy. Anyone that looked at the numbers could have foreseen that Aurilla would stink.

But nobody expected Wilson, Milton or LaRue to be THIS bad.

Anyone notice any names missing from that list? I can think of two that come immediately to mind.

One Response

  1. JRW

    Maybe its time for Milton to get checked out by a doctor. Wilson wouldn’t admit it either but the numbers said otherwise. I am getting tired of pitchers “toughing” it out while they pitch poorer than they ever have before. Maybe there is something to the steroids rumors for pitchers ❓