1. Did the Reds really retire Luis Quinones‘ number before today’s game?

2. After hitting another one tonight, Felipe Lopez now has 8 homers on the season. That leads all National League shortstops, despite the fact that Lopez was a backup for the first month of the season.

Yet Dave Miley thinks that Rich Aurilia is a better player than Lopez. Shouldn’t that be grounds for immediate dismissal?

UPDATE: Okay, I had another thought:

3. When the Reds broke the bank to sign that wonderful free agent pitcher Eric Milton, do you suppose they imagined that he would have a 7.05 ERA as the team entered June?

It’s starting to appear that the Milton deal might enter the pantheon of worst free agent signings ever.

One Response

  1. Chris Eling

    Worst free agent signing ever? Milton so far has looked awful, but after only two months has a ways to go before matching the likes of Denny Neagle, Chan Ho Park, or Jason Giambi. Darren Dreifort or Albert Belle. Or, remember Juan Guzman? After he helped the Reds on a 1999 stretch-drive rent-a-player basis, he signed a big 2-year contract with Tampa Bay. He got exactly 5 outs for them.

    On the other hand, Milton is going out there every fifth day and actively hurting his team. At least these other pitchers had the decency to be injured.