Here’s the place to discuss tonight’s tilt with the Pirates.

After last night’s disaster, I look forward to seeing if the Reds put a real lineup on the field, or if Dave Miley sticks with the Little League lineup he used yesterday.

4 Responses

  1. Chad

    No comments? Perhaps it’s because this is the most boring game I’ve ever seen, between two putrid teams.

    Here’s a question for discussion: what has this person ever done to deserve a major league roster spot? And what has he done that would cause Dave Miley to play him in a career-high number of games last season?

  2. Chris Eling

    “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

    The Reds aren’t as putrid as they’ve played thus far. Several pitchers who were supposed to be slightly-below-league-average have instead been awful on an historic scale. Several hitters started off in slumps and weren’t balanced out by anyone on an incredible hot streak. And then some players got more playing time than they should have, and were predictably bad.

    Things will balance out, and this team will find its level. They’re not a division-winner, no, but they’re not putrid.

    All bets are off if Aurilia returns to the starting lineup. That would be a huge sign that we have a saboteur on board.

    As for Valentin…well, I can’t find much positive to say about him. He’s a backup catcher, and for whatever reason most teams are willing to pay for any warm body to don the tools of ignorance for, say, 50 games a year, as long as they have major-league experience. I mean, Pat Borders is still being traded around like he’s a commodity. It’s rather ridiculous.

    Anyway, LaRue looks like he might be entering the catchers-after-age-30 rapid decline phase of his career, and with no big prospect in the minors to replace him I sure hope the Reds draft a fast-track college catcher this year with their first-round pick. Otherwise it might be ugly performances from behind the plate for a few years to come, whether it comes from LaRue, Valentin, or Sardinha.