Here’s a game thread for tonight’s titanic struggle vs. the Bucs.

Yeah, the Reds have won three straight games, but tonight, Dave Miley may have put the weakest lineup on the field I’ve seen in Cincinnati since the early 80s:

Freel CF
Bergolla 2B
Felipe SS (batting third? This is the guy that’s worse than Aurilia, according to Miley?)
Kearns RF (this is the 4th best outfielder, according to Miley, hitting cleanup?)
Dunn 1B (he can’t even hit 3rd in this putrid lineup?)
L. Lopez 3B
Romano LF
Valentin C
E. Ramirez P

Bergolla, Luis Lopez, Roman and Valentin in the same lineup.

That’s just bad.

UPDATE: Ha! Take a look at what RN’s Brian said over at Redzone. He beat me to the punch.

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  1. Heath

    Jason Romano – cut once by Tampa Bay.

    Not good on your major league resume’.

    I was trying to think of an analogy here – but this is the best I can think of –

    Dan O’Brien is to Jason Romano than Jim Bowden was to any five tool player.

    Once you get hot on someone – who might be marginal – you keep pushing them so you can gain some points in the accountibility column.