From Paul Daugherty’s column in the Enquirer this morning:

Adam Dunn was way too sarcastic Tuesday night in responding to Miley’s decision to have Dunn’s luxury chair removed from the workplace. Even if Dunn were joking, it was a very bad time to make his manager look bad.

Dunn was also scrapped over the coals by one of the “Two Angry Guys” (I don’t know which one is which) this morning on 1360 Homer. He said “Dunn is becoming a problem.” This was before he said that Dunn was over-rated, a butcher in the field, strikes out too much, and can’t get runners in from third.

Are they right? Was Dunn wrong in his comments about “Chairgate”? Maybe. When the team is going badly, it’s probably not the best time to make sarcastic jokes/comments in the paper. But my other thought is…why isn’t the local press asking what the two chairs had to do with this team’s pitching staff’s inability to get anyone out, sloppy play, Casey’s continued hold on the #3 spot, Pena’s inability to get off the DL, management’s love of “veteran prescence” etc.

What was the point of removing the two chairs, one of which belonged to the most productive player on the team? Did it accomplish anything, other than again alienating this team’s best player? (In addition to it’s highest paid player.)

If you think the local press didn’t give Dunn his due before, if he gets on the wrong side of them, they’ll run him right out of town. It might be the best thing for Adam, but it won’t be good for Reds fans.

2 Responses

  1. Tyler

    I live in Tampa and the media is very biased. No one will criticize Sweet Lou, while he’s doing nothing but stunting the development of the Ray’s top prospects.

    It seems very similar in Cinncinati. While Miley and O’Brien deserve criticism, for the most part they are blaming the only guy who doesn’t deserve blame on the team. I hate homer meida. You can be biased toward a team, and still criticize the leaders.

  2. Elizabeth

    I don’t think it has ever been a secret that Dunn jokes around a lot, and it seems like a lot of Reds fans took it as just that, a joke, not an insult. With the Reds performning the way they are this season though, I’m not quite sure what Miley thought pulling out a couple of chairs was going to accomplish.