JD at Red Reporter has a good post about the Graves release and recent comments from the team’s leaders. He takes Casey, Miley, et al to task for seeming to care a heck of a lot more about whether a guy is “mean” or “smiles a lot” than whether he can actually retire a batter or get on base.

Check it out.

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  1. Glenn

    JD’s hit it on the head. Team chemistry should come from performance on the field rather than a mutual admiration society.
    I’m all for having “good guys” on the team. But if given the choice, I’d rather have professional hitters and pitchers.
    I’m sure Graves is in fact a good guy. But if that were the criteria for being a major leaguer than there are an awful lot of guys who should be on a roster somewhere. Hell, I’m a good guy, but that 65 mph fastball is not going to cut it.