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We think at this point that there may be a little tendinitis (in his shoulder), but we’re sort of being very cautions in that vein right now,” O’Brien said Sunday. “We’re still continuing to treat everything and we’re hopeful that the situation will resolve itself.”

Well, if past history is any indication, the Reds will spend 2 weeks deciding that Wilson has a problem, then he’ll go on the DL with a mild case of tendinitis, which will sideline him for 2-3 months.

5 Responses

  1. tom

    What else is new? O’Brien is cautious and timid about everything.

  2. Glenn

    The more I see of O’Brien, the more impressed I am. I don’t think he’ll wait long to put Wilson on the DL if necessary. Aurillia wasn’t able to talk his way out of a trip to the DL. I’ll also predict that Aurillia better start producing or he’ll also be looking for work. I’m not saying he’s the second coming of Bob Hosan (sp) but by now Bowden would have already done something stupid by this time in the season.

  3. Malott

    “Bowden would have already done something stupid by this time in the season. ”

    Like sign a Below Average aging pitcher (Milton) to a 25 Million dollar 3 year contract? Or blocking your best SS prospect with a stiff (Aurilia) that hasn’t hit for 4 years? O’Brien is rearanging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic…HOWEVER he put a lot of the chairs where they are in the first place.

    He is a doink.

  4. Glenn

    Malott, You got me there. They looked like good deals at the time, but they’re sure not panning out at this point. Right now, it looks like Lopez takes over at short with Aurilla possibly exiting the roster. I still have hope that Milton will come around.
    But you are right, its all about performance, and at this point O’Brien’s imports, aside from Joe Randa are not getting the job done. I’ll hold fire for this season, but O’Brien needs to do something to turn this around. Bowden’s track record is set. He told a lot of woppers to a lot of players and exec’s around the league. If the Expos hadn’t been near folding and MLB having to take over the club, I’m not sure that Bowden wouldn’t still be at ESPN.

  5. Glenn

    Oh, and by the way, I was right about one thing, Wilson’s now on the DL. I’m beginning to get the impression that O’Brien doesn’t fall for alot of BS when it comes to a player’s health. They can either play or they go on the DL.