From the DDN website:

Q — If Adam Dunn hits 50 home runs this year, don’t you think he’ll demand more than what the Reds can or will pay? — Greg, Fairborn
A — If Dunn hits 50 home runs, they’ll pay him — probably in UDF milkshakes or American Financial stock. Dunn is a keeper, a franchise foundation. Let’s see Dunn get to 50 homers and see what happens.

Holy homer, Batman…a local media guy singing Dunn’s praises?

What’s next, McCoy calling for moving Casey out of the #3 spot?

Nah, let’s not go crazy.

2 Responses

  1. Jon

    Also during that same broadcast with Dan and Chris, Chris stated that he thought Dunn should be batting higher in the order. When Dan pressed him for where in the lineup Dunn should be, Chris said, paraphrasing, that just a week ago, he would have said bat Dunn third and move Casey down. Now he wants him fourth, moving Griffey down to fifth or sixth.

  2. Glenn

    This is very simple. Sign Dunn, live with his strikeouts, win a ballgame or two.