He’s been designated for assignment. Randy Keisler has been called up.

8 Responses

  1. Heath

    So much for the Red Reporters T-shirt sales…

    Wow…6 million and 3 million down the drain…..

    Well, Ryan Wagner – here ya go!

  2. Heath

    Sorry to be “caustic” here Bill, but that’s $10 Mill Uncle Carl can put back into his pocket…

  3. Mike

    I give management credit in making decisions and not just sitting around doing nothing like years past. Maybe we can use that $10 Million and try to get a great pitcher, someone like Eric Milton.

  4. Eric

    Sunned. Just stunned, I am(sorry too much Yoda).

    This organization definitely understands sunk costs.

    A good move for all it represents. This is a huge wakeup call for the rest of the players.

    Now Danny can go get his minor league contract with someone…or pitch for the Devil Rays.

    You know, no different from what he was doing here.

  5. Chad

    I just can’t believe it. I mean, this is the right move. The Reds don’t make the right move.

    I also have to believe that it isn’t primarily about Graves’ pitching. It’s more about his comments yesterday, and flipping the bird to that fan.

    Either way, I don’t care. Abu Graves is gone. I’m more excited to watch the Reds tonight than I have been in weeks.

  6. Tyler

    No he can’t pitch for the Devil Ray’s. They’re my second favorite team(I live in Tampa) and we don’t want him.

    I couldn’t take it. I’d go nuts.

  7. jim

    Casey, Griffey, Graves…sounds like a big bag of whaaaaaaa, my pu**y hurts…

  8. Glenn

    Fox Sports is saying that Dusty Baker and the Cubs are now interested in signing Graves. Can anyone imagine Why?