Brought in with the Red’s down 3-2 to start the ninth inning, Danny “Gas Can” Graves preceeded to give up four hits and a walk. All five base runners eventually scored, and he was only able to retire one batter. This stellar performance preserved a 9-2 Indians win. After being removed by Miley with one out and runners on 1st and 3rd, Graves was soundly booed off the mound and proceeded to have an unpleasant fan interaction as he neared the Reds dugout, as reported on the Fox Sports game recap:

The Indians put it away with six runs in the ninth, the first five off closer Danny Graves, who was booed off the field, then yelled back at a fan near the dugout and made a gesture with his hand.

Not sure the manner of the hand gesture, but I hope, for his sake, it wasn’t the flying fickle finger of fate. Maybe someone there, or who saw the TV game could describe the nature of the hand gesture in more detail.

Graves hadn’t endeared himself with the fans lately, with his performance, or with his comments regarding the fans right to boo him, or the team, after a poor performance. I haven’t been a big Graves fan ever since his half-hearted attempt at being a starter. I mean really, can it be that difficult for a major league veteran to pitch from a windup? Maybe he just did us a big favor, and hastened his departure from our pitching staff.

Pardon me while I go drop him off one of my fantasy teams, and remove a quote of his from my email signature. Feel free to use the comment feature to soundly boo Danny “Gas Can” Graves for his stellar performance this season and for being such a class act.

3 Responses

  1. Heath

    Too Bad Oil Can Boyd is not available to pitch….then we could have Oil Can & Gas Can……

  2. Glenn

    With Graves gone. Who are we going after next. There are several non performers still available.