The Reds are going terrible, and we all expected a move to be made. It happened today.

The team has an absolutely awful pitching staff, so they made a move to shore up the rotation, right? Maybe something to help the bullpen?

Of course not; that’s too logical. Here’s what managerial genius Dan O’Brien did today:

Designated infielder D’Angelo Jimenez for assignment; purchased the contract of infielder Luis Lopez from Louisville of the International League (AAA).

Yep, that’s what the problem was with this team! D’Angelo Jiminez! Does Dan O’Brien have a clue about the fact that pitching staff is the reason this team is terrible?

And you know what makes me irritated? D’Angelo Jiminez is a lot better player than Luis Lopez. The Reds are now worse than they were yesterday!

This is called rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. I’m getting more and more irritated with this team. The lack of leadership in the front office and in the dugout is getting really frustrating.

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  1. Harry The Horse

    The next big move will be firing Dave Miley and replacing him with Buddy Bell