The last time the Reds won back to back games was April 17-18. Over a month ago, if you don’t have your calendars handy.

Since April 18, they’ve gone 7-21.

Number 3 batter Sean Casey had 5 hits and 9 total bases on Wednesday. Even counting that, his OPS is 9th and his SLG is 10th of the 11 qualifying NL first basemen (Thanks, Mientkiewicz).

League-wide, his mightly .406 SLG has him tied with noted power hitter and fellow $8.5M-per-year man (ha) Craig Counsell, and just ahead of slugging shortstops Alex Gonzales and David Eckstein. David Effing Eckstein!

(But, if Casey adds 3 points to that .297 average, he’ll be a “good hitter” again.)

And, as you might have heard, it’s SO BAD that Adam Dunn doesn’t have a single sac fly.

2 Responses

  1. Eric

    Has anyone heard if Wily Mo is going to be activated for the Indians series?

  2. Heath

    But, hey, on a positive note, we’ve freed Felipe!