I’m at work, and MLB.com is blacking out the game for some reason, so I’m stuck. Here’s a game thread for you to discuss the game, or just to keep track of how many homers Eric Milton gives up.

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  1. Brian Erts

    If it wasn’t windy he’d be at three

    Glavine had an 11 pitch at bat. Just sad.

  2. Heath

    My dad, the long time Reds fan, and NYC resident is sitting somewhere in Shea Stadium thinking he really wasted $169 this year on MLB extra innings to watc the Reds.

  3. Heath

    From the Whowouldathunkit department…

    Adam Dunn has more Triples (1) this year than Sac Flies (0)

    Wait until we get Dunn’s take on that….

  4. Eric

    Hey…speaking of MLB.com.

    Does anyone know their criteria for blacking out games? I was messing around the other day (I live in No. Ky.) and pulled up the Reds / Mets game Tuesday night. I’ve also caught part of a Reds / Cards game as well.

    Both were the opposing team’s broadcast, but I don’t know if that’s coincidence. Do they only black out the game if it’s the home broadcast?


  5. Heath

    I don’t know the MLB.tv rule, but the MLB extra innings rule states that no team games except for the local outlets games may be shown.

    So, I live in Dayton. I get all the Reds Fox games like before. I didn’t get the Reds’ afternoon game with the Mets on Wednesday.

    I think the rule should be adjusted on the MLB Extra Innings package to where the Reds AWAY games should be shown, no matter what, whether it is on FSN Ohio (or FSN Cincinnati – depending on how you look at it) or on the opposing teams schedule.

    I mean, its not like we can go to the game.