Here’s a game thread for tonight’s titanic struggle: Reds at Mets, 7:10 pm. Ramon Ortiz takes his 6.75 ERA to the hill to face Kaz Ishii.

Let’s go Reds!!!

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  1. Chad

    Here are the lineups, first for the Reds:

    Freel 2B
    Lopez SS
    Casey 1B — hitting third again!
    Griffey CF
    Dunn LF
    Randa 3B
    Kearns RF
    Valentin C
    Ortiz P

  2. Chad

    Now for the Mets:

    Reyes SS
    Cameron RF
    Beltran CF
    Floyd LF
    Piazza C
    Mientkiewicz 1B
    Wright 3B
    Matsui 2B
    Ishii P

  3. Heath

    Not a bad outing by Ortiz – he’s pitching into the seventh … and if he had any type of run support – he could be the winning pitcher!

    Nice outing for Ramon.

  4. Chad

    Well, you did a good job of jinxing Ortiz. 😀

    Good outing, though.

  5. Heath

    Re: jinx

    I predict Sean Casey will ground out to second base every 1.4 at-bats!

  6. Greg

    Didn’t see a link for the 5/18 game, so I’m posting a comment here…Why is Jimenez playing over Kearns? I basically consider Freel the team’s 2nd baseman and leadoff hitter now. Let’s see Kearns play everyday! Maybe we would have seen Dunn score after the 2nd inning leadoff triple with someone other than Jimenez, Randa and Larue hitting behind him!