I know I said I was going to try to remain upbeat, but I just have to say this: never in my lifetime have I seen a player ground out to second base more than Sean Casey.

4 Responses

  1. orangeandbrown

    Who says that isn’t upbeat! You’re saying he’s doing something you never saw anyone else do.

    When he rebounded last year, I sort of decided that he hadn’t been healthy the season(s) before. I now wonder if he’s just not the player we hoped.

  2. tom

    It’s the old story of waiting too long to trade Casey for a front-line pitcher and putting Dunn on first where he belongs. The Reds waited too long years ago to trade Eric Davis also.

  3. orangeandbrown

    Well, he did hit some fly balls last season, when he had a decent OPS.

    The 2002 season was the one I was referring to. Problem is, you couldn’t trade him after that, you had to wait for him to get back onto his feet again.