Again, the credit where it’s due department, Hal McCoy offers some unvarnished, much-earned praise for Adam Dunn, player and guy:

Another example of why media people love Adam Dunn. A New York writer approached him with trepidation Monday and said, “Adam, I’m doing a story on strikeouts . . . ”

“You’ve come to the right guy,” said Dunn, owner of 37 strikeouts.

Dunn also has 32 walks, second in the league; he has a .667 slugging percentage, second in the league; he has 23 extra base hits, second in the league; he has 11 home runs, tied for the league lead, and he has a .440 on-base percentage, sixth in the league.

7 Responses

  1. Eric

    Gotta love Dunn.

    His first couple of years in the league, he was always good for at least one funny, self-depricating quote in the paper each day.

  2. Chad

    Is it safe to say that Adam Dunn is Redleg Nation’s favorite player?

  3. Eric

    I can’t disagree. Great hitter and seems to have a great attitude as well.

    My favorite Dunn story is from the 2002 Spring Training. It was the year that Pokey and Dmitri had moved on, and both were ripping on Griffey in the media. Dunn got with one of the local beat writers and had a fake newspaper made up and left at Griffey’s locker that had the headline “Reds rookie latest to rip Griffey” and had a paragraph about how Dunn would get irritated with Griffey because he would go back to the clubhouse during games to masturbate.

    That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

  4. Heath

    Thanks, Eric -you owe me a new keyboard after spitting Diet Mountain Dew all over it….:shock: :mrgreen:

  5. Heath

    Re: Chris’s Wedding – Two words to save your wedding, your money, and a guarantee for a very nice honeymoon.

    Cash Bar.

  6. Eric

    Sorry guys…but that was pretty much my same reaction when I read the story originally. I was looking for the article on the internet so I could post it, but I couldn’t find it.

    Another favorite Dunn story of mine. He saw a car in the parking lot (I think it was Griffey’s) and the license plate was “HR”. He made the comment: “I’ll have to get one just like it that says ‘K'”