I’ve resolved to make a serious attempt to remain optimistic about the future (and present) of the Reds organization. I still refuse to watch Danny Graves pitch, but I’m going to really try to stay upbeat about this team. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be critical of certain moves, but I bleed Red and I want to enjoy the rest of the season.

That said, there is a distinct difference in our situation as Reds fans and the situation A’s fans find themselves in. Oakland is struggling right now, much like Cincinnati, and I’m sure it is frustrating for the devoted fans of that proud organization. The difference, however, is that A’s fans have faith in GM Billy Beane to turn it around. Right now, I’m not sure that Reds fans are justified in trusting the current regime to get the Reds back on the right track.

Take a look at this post from Athletics Nation, which gives a glimpse into what I’m talking about:

Someone closely connected with the A’s recently said this to me.

I realize that sports fandom is all about ups and downs. That to follow a team and bleed its colors means that I must take my lumps as well as dance in streets with its victories.

Well, I’m going to take my lumps as our team continues its downward spiral.

With a confidence-shaken Haren going against Randy Johnson tomorrow, the A’s season of retooling is getting away faster than we’re sending young stars to the DL.

I still think it’s too early to make trades unless you can get someone young and inexpensive like Austin Kearns who could be a part of the reconstruction of our A’s. But I agree with the main course of thinking here in AN that eventually, Byrnes, Dotel, Durazo and maybe even Zito could be gone by the time the deadline rolls around. The key is to creating a market for these players, so they need to perform. Well, except for Byrnes because I would think a lot of teams could make use of him.

So, I’ll sit back and enjoy the reconstruction of our team and watch our young pitching staff make like Kirk Cameron amd Alan Thicke along the way.

By the way, the A’s do have hope in the minor leagues, despite the recent news that Dan Meyer has been shut down indefinitely.

So I’ve resolved to take my lumps as this season goes down the drain. I’m going to focus on the positive aspects of the Reds. Yes, there are a few reasons to watch the Reds the rest of the way:

–Adam Dunn. He’s a stud.
–The emergence of Felipe Lopez as the possible answer to the shortstop problem.
–Wily Mo, if and when he returns to the lineup, is as exciting a player as you’ll find anywhere.
–A healthy, for now, Junior Griffey.
–Did I mention Adam Dunn?
–Ryan Wagner gives up us hope for the bullpen.
–I’m going to pull hard for Austin Kearns to regain his top prospect status.
–Aaron Harang. He’s really looking like last year’s second-half success wasn’t a fluke. He’s striking people out, and becoming a good pitcher. It’s fun to watch.
–Edwin Encarnacion. He’ll be here before you know it, and we’re all going to enjoy watching him.
–Most importantly, I’m going to enjoy the play of Adam Dunn.

And there are more. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section below.

Today is day one of “Operation Enjoy Reds Baseball.” Wish me luck.

5 Responses

  1. Brian Erts

    I believe that there is always something in a season worth watching. Not being a football or basketball fan makes this easier to accept, being older helps too I guess. But there is ALWAYS something to watch. The whole game is a mass of interconnecting parts and one moves affects anoher (Aurlia’s hammy/Lopez getting SS very Wally Pipp) Something arrives to poke at in every game.

    It’s what keeps me coming back, even when the Reds tank year in and year out.

  2. Edmund

    “Ryan Wagner gives up hope for the bullpen.”

    I think you meant “gives us hope.” That’s a pretty good ironic typo.

    You’re right, the Reds have lots of rising stars that are fun to watch. Here’s hoping they hold on to them.

  3. Dave Charles

    Living and dying with the Reds won/loss record is more fun than a do-it-yourself root canal.

    There are many, many compelling stories all over the league, and on the Reds as well.

    Baseball is far bigger than just the Reds.

  4. tom

    Your post is a good one. Once a Reds fan, always a Reds fan. They,ve been my team since boyhood in Trenton, Ohio and I can root for no other. It wasn’t so long ago that the Williams brothers controlled the Reds and things looked pretty bleak in the early 80’s. The Lindner/Allen team won’t be around for ever, so better days are down the road.

  5. CG Hudson

    Those excerpted quotes from Oakland are spoken by someone fat on a still-recent string of post-season appearances. I suspect it won’t take much more than one solid season in the cellar for the mass of A’s fans to turn on Beane as well. Not saying he’ll deserve it, just saying that attention spans being what they are, fans want to win and want to win now.