Here’s a game thread. At least the Reds should have a chance tonight, with their one good starter — Aaron Harang — on the hill facing Randy Wolf.


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  1. jim

    Hey, if there are any Pete Rose fans out there, you may want to check out Baseball Prospectus Radio today. There was an interesting interview with Rose and Schmidt. Michael Lewis also stopped by to talk about “Moneyball” and his new book.

  2. Tyler

    Mr. Lopez is earning his job. He is killing the ball. Kearns is finally hitting like he can. I really hope this continues. If kearns can continue, we’ll be in good shape.

  3. orangeandbrown

    The only winning formula for this team is to score and score a lot. If Lopez, Dunn and Junior are stinging the ball, we could be an average team. We don’t have the starers to compete, I am afraid.

  4. Tyler

    I agree. I was talking from an offensive stand point. Meaning the team will hit like it should if Kearns and Lopez can hit.

    I don’t think there is a quick solution to the pitching problem.