I happened to be in the car yesterday during his appearance on Lance’s show. Two items of note…

1- Lance asks some decent questions. BUT he doesn’t follow them up…he basically lets O’Brien makes senseless statements and goes on to the next question. It’s like he’s not listening to the answers.

2- O’Brien gave one of the main reasons for the team’s struggles as being “young players on the DL that they were counting on” and said all should be back within the next month and that the team will look a lot different. The names he mentioned (and he mentioned them twice) were Pena, Hancock, Hudson, and …wait for it..Machado.

Now, I can buy Pena. But Hancock pitched in 12 games with a 4.45 ERA for the Reds last year. He’s posted reasonable minor league numbers, but counting on him to be a difference maker? Hudson pitched in 9 games. Hudson didn’t even pitch in ’03 and has never thrown more than 165 innings in a season. And they’re counting on him to make a difference? And Machado? This guy couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.

I emailed Lance when they announced this and said that if he was just going to ask softball questions and not press the GM, then this was just an unpaid advertisement for the Reds and that’s what it is, IMO.

5 Responses

  1. Heath

    I think Lance McAlister is someone who is completely OVER prepared for his job. I think he runs so fast, he glosses over the answers than to reflect and ask the next question. IMO – he’s been know to rant on specific issues that he has, but hasn’t (or isn’t) been able to learn to “follow-up”.

    Of course, if the Reds are 21-13, the Radio show really gets softballs.

  2. Brian Erts

    According to the BP PECOTA pre-season projections Hudson was supposed to be the Reds pitcher with the highest VORP. (around 10-11) higher than Wilson, Graves and Milton.

    At this point I don’t think any of the missing pitchers could hurt this team anymore than the ones currently on the roster, I’d take any improvement… including from Hudson who actually has some stuff as opposed to the nibblers the Reds trot out there each night.

  3. BCubb

    O’Brien speaks as carefully as any executive would speak about his company in public, but I think Lance is doing a good job of putting these pointed questions in front of him. O’Brien’s going to know how the fans feel about Aurilia, Graves, and the dismal performance of the team, even if he doesn’t go Steinbrenner on everyone, in public.

  4. Brian Erts

    I’ll take any conduit to the GM that is available, it’s up to the annoucer to speak for the fans, I don’t expect O’Brien to come to the table ready to show his business plan. I expect he’s able to get an idea of the fans attitudes on his own, he’s running a large operation, not a lemonaid stand. If the resources are on the internet you can bet they are on his desk.

    It’s how you use it.

  5. Brian Erts

    BP also indicated in ST that perhaps Hudson would never get it together health wise, his shoulder takes too long to tune up for relief and the recent injury indicated that it wasn’t durable enough for even a light workload.

    You’re right Bill, his 50 innings last year might have been his only time up. However, the Reds could use a fireballer to put inbtween all their soft, tossing nibblers.