In today’s Enquirer, he’s quoted as saying:

“I felt like I was swinging pretty good,” he said. “I wasn’t getting any breaks. In the at-bat before I got hurt, I hit the ball hard right at the shortstop on a hit-and-run. There’s nothing you can do about that.”

At the time of his injury, he was 0 for his last 15 and 4 for his last 32.

On what planet can that be considered “swinging pretty good”?

3 Responses

  1. Eric

    The Reds seem to sign these players who have no concept of their own abilities and value.


  2. john

    First off, lemme just say that aurilla is terrible. There is a reason that the non-offensive post injury bonds giants got rid of him. He is terrible. That season he had a couple of years ago with the giants and put up mvp type numbers was a fluke. Griffey-esque eh!!!!

  3. JD Flanagan

    Notice that Aurilia said that he was “swinging pretty good,” not that he was seeing well or hitting worth a crap. I guess he was speaking aesthetically, rather than pragmatically.