Wilson’s off to his normal start, giving up three hits, one run, and throwing 26 pitches in the first inning. On the positive side, he did strike out Klesko and Nevin. Hopefully he can be more effective (and efficient) as the game goes on — the bullpen has been pretty well used up this series:

Monday: 13-inning game (5 IP)
Tuesday: Claussen’s injury (5.2 IP)

8 Responses

  1. Chris

    The offense is picking him up, off the rookie Tim Stauffer:

    Freel HBP, Felipe! HR, Casey BB, Jr 2b, Dunn, “has not had a sac fly in XXX PAs… ” he’s HBP too.

    This rookie is struggling – why did I activate him for my roto team again??

  2. Heath

    Ow…when Wilson goes south….he heads fast…..

  3. Heath

    I was waiting for it this afternoon on radio……the Alex Madrid Syndrome.

    *deep sigh*

  4. Bill

    If someone hit two of my guys in the first inning, intentional or not…I’m spinning someone’s batting helmet loose.

  5. Heath

    Do you think Paul Wilson has a “brush back pitch”?

    Physically, something has to be wrong with Wilson. Maybe he needs 15 days to figure out what.

  6. Chris

    Amen. He might have that bulging neck disk that Weber has (aka, swivel-head syndrome).

  7. Bill

    If he’s hurt, it dates back to the first half of last year. His second half numbers last year were attrocious, yet he was re-signed.

    I tend to fall into the “he just sucks” camp.

  8. Eric

    Stauffer looked horrendous the first inning…was bailed out by a couple of really good plays on a couple of hard-hit balls.

    After that, he settled down and pitched well. I think that 75% of the outs from the 3rd inning on were pop-ups to the infield.