Does anyone realize that the Reds now have 13 pitchers on the roster, and 12 position players?

After calling up Elizardo Ramirez today to replace Rich Aurilia on the roster, the Reds now have 13 pitchers. That’s astonishing. What a waste of roster space.

Does Dan O’Brien have any clue about how to put together a roster?

Maybe they’re expecting Brandon Claussen to be put on the DL soon, after being hit by a line drive last night (and rolling his ankle when he fell). Perhaps they plan to call up a position player at that time.

Who knows?

UPDATE: As he noted in the comments, Shawn beat me to the punch on this one:

Other bloggers have called for the heads of Reds management, but I have held off. Until now. This is a breaking point for me. This little piece of roster mismanagement has made it clear to me that incompetents are running the show. Get rid of them, all of them.


3 Responses

  1. Joel

    I think the reasoning Chad is quantity over quality. It’s too late to fix the quality issue with the bullpen, so they have to just add more bodies to make up for the fact that the starters can’t go more than 6 innings. The guys in the bullpen have been failing in part because they have to pitch 3 out every 4 days. They’re getting worn out already.

    What I find weird is that Aurilia is the guy put on the DL. Was it just me or did the injury look fake? Not that I mind, but I really didn’t think that he was really hurt, even when it happened, now all of the sudden he is on the DL? Perhaps Miley asked him to take a fall because DanO won’t let Miley take Aurilia out of the lineup? I love conspiracy theories.

  2. john

    I’m glad we traded pre-boone for him. I know we traded him to new york for claussen and some guy named bubba, but i would rather have pre-knee injury boone at second, rather than lopez. No matter what his batting average is!

  3. john

    also, lindner was quoted in the enquirer earlier this season as saying that he was concerned that he had spent too much money on free agents. PLEASE!!!!if the reds were ever contenders (hmm-hmm ’99) lindner would be raking in the cash from all types of revenues. IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY!!!!!!!