This article is just incredible. It pains me to recap it, but some of this stuff is priceless. Aurilia’s self-delusion, in the guise of self-awareness, is stunning.

“We’re not ignorant. We’re not stupid. If we’re not in it, and the writing’s on the wall, a lot of people might be gone.”

Uh, Rich? If you’re not in it, it’s YOUR FAULT! Does he really think he’s going to be traded to some contender once the Reds throw in the towel?

I think this Castrovince guy for is in shock that Aurilia’s still playing:

Aurilia, who is hitting just .198 through 96 at-bats. . .and the Reds have shown a great deal of patience with him. The 24-year-old Felipe Lopez has caught fire after the plate during his recent opportunity to start every day in the infield, but he has yet to supplant Aurilia as the everyday starter at short.

Even after an 0-for-6 night at the plate Monday against the Padres, Aurilia remained in the starting lineup Tuesday. In fact, manager Dave Miley bumped Aurilia up to the No. 2 spot in the order.

Don’t worry, though – Miley has a plan: “We’re just trying to jumpstart him,” Miley said. “Hopefully we’ll get some hit-and-run situations and get him going.”

Ah, hit-and-run… the cause of, and solution to all life’s problems. (TM- Homer Simpson)