Has anyone seen a season go down the tubes as quickly as this one has?

I’m not in the mood to rehash another Danny Graves meltdown, so I’ll just link the coverage: Enquirer, Post, MLB.com.

I might as well give you a couple of the quotes:

“I’m embarrassed, I really am,” said Ryan Freel. “I’m embarrassed and just disgusted. I mean, this is a major league team. I don’t know what we’re playing like, but we’re not playing like major leaguers.”

“As soon as we start getting things going and feeling good and we blow it like that? I don’t know what we have to do,” said Freel. “I feel terrible for Harang because he went out there and pitched his butt off, he pitched an unbelievable game, the best performance we’ve had all year. To get it blown like that, I’m sure everybody should be disgusted in here. Words can’t explain how I’m sure everybody feels in here. It’s like a ghost town in here right now.”

“These things seem to happen to us over and over again,” Freel said. “Heads shouldn’t be held high right now. I can’t believe this happened again to us. Once before it happened, and we were all beaten up about it. But this time it’s like … what do you do?”

“We don’t suck,” said (Danny) Graves. “We’re not a bad team. We’re not a bad pitching staff, bad bullpen. It seems like nothing is working. How do you get out of it? We’re still trying to figure it out. It’s so easy to fall into bad habits and bad luck but it’s so hard to get the good things to happen again.”

“I was doing what I always do, trying to get ahead of hitters,” (Ryan) Wagner said. “I threw some good pitches they hit. It was one of those nights that everything I threw they hit.”

On a completely unrelated note, the Post has this:

The name of the album is “Oh Say Can You Sing?” and in Sean Casey’s case, the answer is … maybe.

The Reds first baseman was one of 11 players to lay down vocal tracks for a new CD put out by Major League Baseball. Casey belts out his rendition of country star Toby Keith hit “How Do You Like Me Now?” and doesn’t sound too bad.

“It’s tough to screw up Toby Keith,” Casey noted.

The Reds played a snippet of Casey’s version over the public address system when he came to bat in the second inning of Monday’s game, but didn’t announce who and what it was.

The CD, which also features songs performed by Indians first baseman and former Reds prospect Ben Broussard (“With or Without You”), Dodgers reliever Kelly Wunsch (“Hurts So Good”) and Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith (“Cupid”), is available at MLB.com and selected retailers.

The suggested retail price of $17.99 includes a bonus DVD with interviews and making-of footage.

I don’t think I’ll be purchasing that one.