Redleg Nation favorite Marc Lancaster appeared on Charley Steiner’s XM radio show today (giving me something to listen to on the long drive back from Pomona).

He said a few obvious, but sometimes unsaid things: Graves has been stinking it up, and didn’t help himself by ripping the fans; Casey isn’t hitting, so he’ll be hard to trade; Randa and Freel might look attractive to other clubs.

Unfortunately, Marc started spouting some of the same nonsense we’re used to hearing from others. Namely, that Adam Dunn “isn’t doing much lately,” that he strikes out too much, and (of course), that he hasn’t had a sac fly in XXX games. (I THINK he limited it to “lately,” it was kindof muffled). This stuff drives me up the wall. Even “lately,” Dunn is still producing at a fairly high level – his OPS in May is 862 (think Derrick Lee in 2004 ), and 812 over the last week. On the season, he’s still 6th in the league in OPS.

Marc went so far as to call Dunn “the ringleader” of the Reds’ strikeout brigade. He probably didn’t mean it this way, but it starts to sound as if Dunn is being blamed for everyone’s troubles. The story should be “Dunn is one of the best in the league,” not “Dunn is the reason we’re losing.”

Marc also singled out Rich Aurilia as someone who helped the team early on by “putting it in play.” I just don’t get it – are bloops and squibbers supposed to be the basis of the offense? Is the problem that Dunn and Kearns aren’t hitting enough groundouts? Casey grounds out a lot – is that a positive???

I’m just so sick of hearing about “manufacturing runs” and “making contact” – and I thought Lancaster saw beyond that stuff.

3 Responses

  1. Brian Erts

    Adam Dunn has 10 less hits than Casey in 25 less AB’s he has 10 more EBH than Casey and has scored the second most runs on the team batting in front of Chaft like Aurilia.

    His biggest crime is he he gets no respect for the game he brings to the table and slams for the game he doesn’t, meanwhile guys like Casey get the complete opposite.

    Quite sad and ridiculous that good at bats are defined as most likely hitting the ball into an out.

  2. CG Hudson

    Any idea that Lancaster was advanced much beyond the hacktastic status of the Fays and McCoys of the world was put to bed with Chad’s extensive expose, in my opinion.