Joe Sheehan has a quick hit (subscription) on the Reds’ current machinations:

He praises Miley for “finding ways to get Felipe Lopez and his upside into the lineup,” though would “prefer to see it cost Rich Aurilia (.202/.232(!)/.362) rather than D’Angelo Jimenez (.217/.309/.265).” He notes that neither part of the Opening Day double-play combo has earned his keep.

I’m less enamored of the way in which Ryan Freel steals time from Austin Kearns. Conceding that Freel is playing well and Kearns isn’t, that’s not the kind of decision that’s going to help the Reds with the NL Central anytime soon. Kearns needs a change of venue as bad as any player in baseball.

I hate it, but I have to agree. I hope Kearns gets to go somewhere where he’ll be appreciated.

3 Responses

  1. Heath is reporting in the Truth & Rumors section today that the Royals are interesting in acquiring a young, corner outfielder with some power.

    Xavier Nady? Jody Gerut? Austin Kearns?

  2. Tyler

    Give us Grineke.

    Never happen, but we should demand a lot for Kearns if he’s traded.

  3. Eric

    Well, Aurilia’s hurt now, and that probably is good for Austin. It’s sad when you have to root for someone to get hurt in order to get them out of the lineup.

    I liked the Aurilia signing initailly, but with the way he’s performed this far, it’s time to cut bait, give Felipe the full-time job, and get someone else in here.