I rip on Ryan Freel a good bit. But at this point, I’m going to find bright spots wherever I can.

According to McCoy’s notes today, Freel was the emergency pitcher had last Friday’s game against LA (Wilson’s first inning meltdown) gotten even more out of hand.

Freel apparently didn’t know that Miley was planning on sending him to the hill:

Told that, Freel smiled and said, “That would be a bad situation for the team, a negative thing. But if it had to happen, it would be neat.

“I pitched in Little League and I was good … but we all did and we all were,” he said. “But it worked out better because some guys in our bullpen came into that game and did well, which might give them confidence for their next appearances.”

This quote isn’t all that profound, but for some reason I thought it showed a nice appreciation for the psychology of the game. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Ryan Freel is a coach somewhere in 15 years.