The San Diego Union-Tribune had an interesting piece yesterday about how the Padres built their bullpen – cheaply. It takes on a certain irony today.

To add to their excellent trio of Hoffman, Otsuka, and Linebrink, the Padres spent a tiny amount of money on their pen this off-season. They added Chris Hammond (2.00 ERA in 18 IP) for $750,000, and Rudy Seanez (1.84 in 14 IP) and Dennys Reyes (2.57 in 21 IP) for $550,000 apiece. Even by my math, that’ s $1.85 million.

In contrast, Dan O’Brien showed that the Reds were serious, by spending $3.1 million on “proven veterans.” The Reds got David Weathers (6.61 ERA) and Kent Mercker (2.25 ERA) for $1.25M each, and Ben Weber (8.03 ERA) for $600,000.

I’m too defeated to write much more, though I do note that 2 of the 3 Padres acquisitions are former Reds.